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Why Choose Us?
We Approve Poor Credit
If you have poor credit you're not totally out of luck. If you are still employed, haven't been delinquent on other payday loans, and haven't had recent issues then you are still eligible for a loan with us.

Entirely Online
Going completely online is the way to do payday loans. You can still come in and pay your loan off in cash, but we only issue funds directly to your bank account via ACH or wire. That doesn't mean we don't want to meet you, as we certainly do, but you'll find that doing an online application is much nicer.

Money Deposited Quickly
The funds will definitely arrive within one business day under all circumstances barring a natural disaster that stops the banking system. If you apply early enough you may be able to get same day funds if your bank supports it.
The Info We Need
Complete The Application
Before we can start helping you through your difficulties we'll need to see a completed application. It shouldn't take long, and the questions are very simple, none of them requiring any calculations.

Verify Employment Information
To verify the employment information that you give us as well as your bank account information we will have to see a record of your online banking transactions. We do that by installing a program on your computer.

We Deliver Your Funds
Your funds will arrive by ACH and your payment will be taken by ACH. You don't have to do a thing, which is as convenient as possible.

Any Questions?
For more information or assistance through any step in the procedure you can phone us at 206-456-6032.
Code of Conduct
One Loan At A Time
We will only lend up to $700, and less than that if you earn under $1400 per paycheck. This helps to ensure that you don't end up needing to reborrow immediately to pay off your previous loan. In addition, we only allow one single loan at a time.

All credit terms are clearly disclosed to the borrower. We never charge anything that is not clearly disclosed.

Right To Cancel
Every borrower has the right to cancel their loan inside 48 hours. There's no rush, and we know that if we treat people fairly they will return to us later when they need a loan.

No Cosigners
We'll never require a cosigner to qualify for a loan. We do business with one individual at a time.

We Lend Across Washington
Major Cities
Kennewick Vancouver Pasco Auburn Bellevue Federal Way Kent Renton Seattle Tacoma Everett Spokane Spokane Valley Bellingham Yakima